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When the unexpected happens and you least expect it, it is important that you are always be on guard. Always prepare for whatever eventualities that may come your way. AMA Pension Plans can provide you with comprehensive protection and preparedness you need in case disaster strikes.

Maturity Benefit

For minimal savings, you and your family will enjoy the financial benefit of the program on maturity date.

Group Credit Life Insurance

This ensures full payment of the plan and the eventual payment of benefits even if the planholders dies during the paying period before the age of 70.

Group Yearly Renewable Term

Planholder’s beneficiaries will receive an amount equal to 100% of the plan’s maturity value if the planholder dies due to natural cause before the age of 70.

Accidental Death and Dismemberment

Planholder’s beneficiaries will receive another 100% of the plan’s maturity value if death is caused by accident. However, planholder will be indemnified even if death does not occur if any part of his body is dismembered according to a schedule of dismemberment as presented.

Waiver of Installment Upon Disability

If planholder is disabled and unable to pursue livelihood, installment payments shall be waived as they fall due and until plan is fully paid.




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